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The car body isn't merely responsible for the exterior look, it is also a vehicle's most exposed part. The front and rear bumpers are not invulnerable to drivers carelessly entering or exiting parking spots. The bonnet and headlights are constantly at risk of being damaged by stones, and as for the locks of all doors including the rear one, they are also prone to wear due to continuous use. Generally speaking, all body parts - whether this be a fender, a side panel, rear-view mirrors or a bumper - are subject to high loads. Painted parts or parts related to electronic components, such as the central lock, parking sensors and so on, are particularly sensitive.

Vandals and persons responsible for road accidents are natural enemies of the car body

Beyond wear and tear, any car can be damaged by vandalism and accidents. In a matter of seconds, a side mirror or the antenna can get broken, a side panel, a fender or a door can get scratched, or a bumper can get deformed. While the latter cases relate to more serious damage, missing small parts of the body, such as moldings and door sills, are primarily a visual defect and merely annoying. Luckily, you can collect the full car body of the components available at rexbo - and all that at our usual competitive, customer-friendly prices!

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