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Bearings - Important spare parts group of a car

Bearings are used to support shafts, axles, and other parts, enabling linear or rotational movement. Bearings receive and transmit the load from the moving unit to other parts. They are used in the engine, alternator, starter, clutch, fans, pumps, wheel hub units, etc.

Important facts about bearings

  • The service life of the components largely depends on the operating conditions. Components of highly loaded units such as the wheel hub, alternator, and clutch are replaced most frequently. For example, a wheel hub bearing usually fails after 100,000 to 150,000 km of mileage. The service life of the clutch release bearing is approximately the same.
  • Special pullers and presses are commonly used for replacing bearings. In addition, accessing these parts may be obstructed by other components. That is why it is best to replace bearings at a car repair shop. After being serviced, the assemblies are likely to need adjustment, which requires relevant experience and knowledge. For example, after dismantling the alternator, the belt drive tension is to be adjusted, and upon completion of maintenance or repairs on a wheel hub, wheel alignment is needed.
  • Installation of a new bearing often goes together with the installation of other parts. For example, replacing the clutch release bearing together with the clutch cover assembly and the clutch disc is better value for money. When servicing the alternator, the drive belt should be changed, too. Remember that buying bearings in a kit is always cost-efficient. Kits are usually inexpensive and contain not only all the components necessary for installation, but also lubricants. Buying kits in our online store will let you save on delivery.
  • The driving style significantly affects the condition of many components. For example, driving at high speed on poor quality roads reduces the service life of the wheel hub unit. The habit of holding down the clutch pedal with a gear engaged may result in the premature failure of the components of a particular system. Please note that some parts need to be lubricated regularly. It is also important to check the condition of protective dust caps, and replace them in time: ingress of water and dirt inside the unit, as well as the lubricant leaking, may eventually destruct the unit.